Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2017-April: LOVE shirts for the girls!

Time to get caught up here again . . . !

I just made these shirts for my girls.  I plan to make have made more for the shop, in all kinds of fun color/print combos!  I am excited about it -- I hope you are, too!

This outfit is entirely made by Mommy! Picked by E.!

This was my first time doing applique using interfacing -- the peel and stick adhesive stuff that makes it easy to do. Aside from inadvertently getting it stuck to my ironing towel, I liked it a lot! You still sew around the edge of the applique, but you don't have to worry about the edges fraying so there's no extra steps there.  YAY!

I LOVE this new shirt pattern I have -- I see a lot more of these mini-crossover V necks in the future!

oops, this is upside down. I was ironing on top of some fabric while my regular ironing towel was in the wash!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

2017-April: custom space shirts

I just wanted to show a photo of the two custom space shirts I made this month!  See the original one here.

They went off to their respective homes this week! I have enough fabric left to maybe make a little 12-month one. I may just make it and list it instead of having it be made-to-order.

2017-April: Bell bottom pants for C.!

C. came home from nursery school one day in "school pants" -- a spare pair they had changed her into.  They were little jeans made by baby Gap and they were SO CUTE on her!  Right away I knew I had to trace off a pattern and make my own even-cuter pair! I made them out of some old maternity jeans.

Here they are with the stretchy knit waist I added -- First I had done an elastic waist, but it wasn't high enough in the rise.  Big knit "yoga" waistband solves everything!!

Cutting out the 4 initial pieces

Making my two familiar sides: most of my pants patterns look like this.

Clip it up!

Magic! Pants! These have the casing but no elastic yet. Front raccoon pockets!

Back cute garden/bug print pockets! I did put in the elastic, but like I said, I ended up taking it out in favor of the yoga waist.

I still need a better picture of her wearing them. I will add it when she stands still long enough!

2017-March: Dorybird Cloth Diapers for shop!

Here is a roundup of March's diapers I made for www.Dorybird.com!




2017-March: Prototype Rainbow trainers

Here is the first pair of trainers (for C.) that I made using my new design! I like them a lot! All the trainers in my shop have this design.

They have a PUL outer print with stretchy knit sides (the stripes) and stretchy knit waistband and leg bands! Inside is a full layer of bamboo velour and a hidden absorbent layer of hemp/bamboo/cotton fleece. They are just what I wanted them to be! I think C. needs to size up already, though!

2017-March: Training pants and Undies for Shop

A roundup of March's training pants and undies for www.Dorybird.com!












2017-March: Dresses for Dorybird Shop!

Here they are, dresses I made for the shop in March!

Modeled by my daughter

Custom order

Recipient in custom dress!

Another custom

Pretty pastels!