Friday, April 23, 2021

2021-March: Custom Ladies Pink Dress for a Costume

Yes, I made a custom piece for a grownup! I altered the neckline to be square instead of scoop.

Pattern: Love Notions Laundry Day Tee

2021-March: Shooting Stars peasant dress

 Here is another Shooting Stars dress for little sister. :) She wears a hand-me-down from her sister of this same dress, and felt the waist and arm elastics were uncomfortable. I cut them out of that dress, and I simply left them out of this new one! It's a slightly different look, but still cute and she loves it.

Pattern: 5Berries Flared Peasant Dress

2021-March: Shooting Stars dress

I chose the cut with an asymmetrical collar -- I like it, but it's a little floppy so next time I will use regular cotton knit, not double brushed poly. I'm learning that I'm not a fan of double brushed poly!

2021-March: Custom Sushi Pocket shirt


2021-March: more masks

 Still need a couple more masks!

2021-January: Gray sweater ruffle

 I extended C's top with upcycled ruffles on the bottom edge.

2021-January: Fox Sweatshirt