Friday, June 23, 2023

2022-Jan: Doodle Sweatshirt

I had already put black sleeves on this store-bought hoodie for E's Dawn Wings Necrozma costume. She wore it a lot after Halloween and it got stained. So I appliqued a bunch of "doodles" on it to cover the stain and add extra interest! I like how it came out: very random but (I think) pleasing. It was like doing collage. I had fun with it and she liked wearing it, too!


2022-Jan: Easy Napkins

Nothing fancy here! I simply cut up and hemmed some striped toweling fabric (and sewed mitered corners!) into small napkins and some dish towels. Yay! They're very absorbent.

2022-Jan: Books Dress


I made this dress for E! She loves to read and had outgrown her old books dress. This time, I gave the top/bodice a "dropped waist" (the top is very long) because it had worked well on a previous dress. I created an open "book" and appliqued it on to the top part . . . .

. . . and used a fun bookshelf print for the twirly circle skirt.

Ultimately I ended up chopping the dress into a shirt and a skirt (with yoga waistband), since the long top part bothered her. I guess this idea worked out better as a set! :)

2022-Jan: Neck warmer


This is a neck warmer with a snap (like a cozy, expandable infinity scarf??). I put in puffy batting so it's like having a quilt for my neck! The inside is poly fleece. Pattern from Schnabelina.

2022-Jan: Party favor drawstring pouches


I made these little pouches to hold favors at E's birthday party. :)

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

2021-Dec: Colorblock dolman top


This is truly not the greatest photo (ha), but it is the greatest top! I made it for myself from various french terry knits and it's very cozy and warm!

2021-Dec: Little floral bag - clutch - pouch

Just a little envelope-style storage bag I made for E.